The Company Omasystem

OMA SYSTEM for over 25 years produces and makes machines and sintered diamond tools to cut, profile and polish on marble, granite and synthetics.

GALAXY, AUCTOR A92, AUCTOR CP99, ANTAREX and VEGA are able to satisfy all marble’s workers demands, from shaped cuts, bording, finishing and polishing.
All the machines are characterized by the hydraulic transmission and the portable feature.

The newborn is TAURUS, an electric edge profiling machine that is already dominating the market.

This success has driven OMA SYSTEM to broaden the horizon of applications in the manufacture of diamond, sintered, electroplated and polishing tools.


The ability to evolve technology has allowed OMA SYSTEM to full overcome the several tests of a selective market such as the stone and marble one to achieve our mission: realizing a perfect product.

Customer target

The customer is the life blood for each company to grow up and develop. OMA SYSTEM take care of its customers and has created a new department the Customer Care dept., whose aim is to satisfy all customers needs.

To contact it, just use the dedicated E-mail:, which provides you information, updatings and suggestions on how optimizing the use of your products.