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Customers has to see and to touch the stone. It dipends much from the way the stone is processed. Besides the traditional techniques, which leave the stone surface very rough, are suitable for walls accentuation and requires a great cleaning and maintenance. To make the stones seem antique, the slabs are grinded into a centrifugal machine, adding quartz and crushed stone, edge cracks increase “the antique feeling”. A final processing using the wax stress again the original material colour. Nowadays, two stone processing techniques are in fashion: the processing traces, which make each slab unique and, eliminating from the polishing surfaces the dressing traces, highlightes the chromatic varieties and structure. A further plus is the fact that they can be clean much better. The “flame technique” is one of the most known and used granite processing, when they content quartz: the surface is safe and anti-slip, but it is hard to keep clean, especially in case of interiors. The Water-jet technique consists in watering the surface to make it rough, without making the colour fade. Today, there has been a boom for “brushing surfaces”, after the processing they seem silky, the surface is live, soft and can be easily cleaned. After having made the stone rough, it is smoothed using brushes, with resin and abrasive granules bristles. The brushes can be mounted and used also on traditional production lines.

Who has to renovate his own house can choose a great range of materials, that be be laid also on the existing floor: fitted carpet, parquet, resined floors, cork, tiles and marble. Marble Flooring Marble is les and less used in houses, due to the cost of the material and of skilled labour and to the spread of cheaper and easier flooring. Marble has, doubtless, unlimited lifetime, just avoid abrasions and scrapes. Once dressed and polished (one month after having been laid), just keep it cleaned and polished, using the product available on the market. Nowadays, you can find also thin marble slabs, whose surface has been pre-polished, so ready to lay on the floor and on the walls. Dressing and polishing are done at the beginning, so there will be less labour and the price reduces. The slabs, 40 x 20 cm, are glued on all floors with a high seal, using different kinds of marble: from the cheapest ones such us Chiampo and Trani, to the good ones as Breccia Aurora and Giallo di Siena, to the most estemeed such us Fior di Pesco Carnico, Bianco Statuario, Verde Tigrato or Verde Alpi. More expensive than marble is the granite, last for ever, it doesn’t scrape, soak, it doesn’t need to be polished, once dressed. Many are the other solutions offered by the market, you have just to choose!

The petrol is distilled from petroleum and it is a solvent for grease, residual oil and resin. It has to be used with causion, since it explodes and it has never to be used where there is some fire. Even the sparks of a switch can be made it explode, in case of fumes. The petrol can also be used to take out grease stains from paper, marble and alabaster.

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