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The grease and oil spots (including the ones of mineral derivation) are removed by applying a "paste" made of a absorbent powder (gypsum, talc, sepiolite, etc.. ).
The sepiolite acts much better, thanks to its wide surface, containing a suitable solvent such as: trichloroethylene, heptane, toluene, hydrocarbons and some mixtures.

Spread on an area which is twice the stain, a layer, thick at least 1 cm. Wet it with the solvent, in order to make it taking the consistency of a paste and slowly let evaporate the solvent.
Remove the paste when it becomes dry, repeating the application if traces of the stain still remain.
Sometimes, when the stain is penetrated deeper or when the temperature is too high (eg. in the summer) it is necessary to slow down the evaporation of the solvent, using solvents not easily evaporable (eg. hydrocarbons, toluene, etc. .) or covering the paste with a glass, a cup, etc.. overturned.

Be careful because the solvent is often flammable and its vapours harmful: operate away from flames and ventilate properly if the application is made in enclosed spaces.
Note that if the stain is made of only cooking oil, good results are obtained also using a solution of ammonia, instead of hydrocarbonic solvent.

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